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Dana's Recommendations

Welcome to Dana's Reccommendations where you will learn all my favorite places to go, along with new places i'm going to try and tell you all about my experiences.

The Jibarito Stop

Steak Jibarito

The Jibarito Stop

I have been craving Jibaritos for a really long time and I must say I really liked this place. They have a small menu which means they specialize in what they do, and they do it very well. The inside was small and clean, and it wasnt quite busy yet since we came before the dinner rush. (which is how I like it) Now onto the food....Amazing is all I have to say. It was also very filling and we ordered way too much food for what our bodies could actually devour. The meat was tender and the plantains were crispy. We also ordered a side of more fried plantains which were very good (garlicy) and alcapurria fritter which my boyfriend loved. The food was exactly what I expected and the service was quick. I would definitely recommend the Jibarito Stop and I will be coming back for more Jibarito fixes.

The Jibarito Stop

Phone: (312)-988-0585

1646 West 18th st

Chicago, IL 60608

Ramen Misoya

Pork Ramen

Ramen Misoya

I've tried a lot of ramen places and this by far is my favorite. It's funny the circumstances in which we ended up at this place, but here it is in a nut shell. My Boyfriend, his friends and I spent the weekend in the city for C2E2 and on the second night, Saturday night, we decided to eat dinner without any plan or resrvations. Also forgetting completely that its saturday night and busy. 

So after trying a few places and the wait being way too long, we landed ourselves here. Now it's funny because when we got here, the wait wasn't too bad but in my mind even though I love ramen, I just wasn't in the mood for it at that moment. So while waiting I made up my mind to try someting else on the menu so my friends could get ramen. Well turns out the sign said that something in the kitchen was down and the ONLY thing available to order was RAMEN.

So starting off the experience a little bummed that I didn't have a choice of what I could order, in the end it was all worth it!!

My friends all chose the same ramen and I was really torn on what to get. I had an idea of what I wanted mine to taste like, but I wasn't quite sure what I chose on the menu was going to be exactly what I thought it would be, or the exact opposite. I chose the second option which was Light and sweet.

Turns out it was EXACTLY what I wanted and I was so satisfied with my decision. The broth was a lighter broth that didnt leave you overwhelmed or with a wierd after taste. The meat that comes in the ramen was ground pork but there is an option to add on pork belly. At first I did not choose to partake, but then once I saw everyone else's come out with this amazing looking crispy pork belly that had actual grill marks on it, I had to order one as well. 

So this happy discovery left me with amazing memories with friends and a new favorite Ramen spot. I recommend trying this place on yor next ramen adventure. 

Ramen Misoya

Phone: (312)-496-3566

213 E Ohio St

Chicago, IL 60611

(There are multiple locations.)


Nia Modern Nails Salon

Colorful Nails, SO me!

Nia Modern Nails Salon

"OMG I love your nails where do you go?" Besides compliments on my hair, that is one of the most spoken sentences ever said to me. Everyone always asks me where I go to get my nails done, and this is where. I have been going to Nia's salon for about 15 years. It is a family own salon and everyone there is so warm and freindly. Nia is very dedicated to her salon and it shows. She is always changing the feng shui in order to keep things fresh. She also continues with her extended education along with the rest of her staff, in order to keep up with the latest techniques and trends. Part of the reason why I love going here is that it works really well with my busy last minute schedule, and I am almost always able to get in when I need to. Going there for as long as I have I feel like part of the family. Nia has daughters that work there as well (Madison and Madeline) that are around my age and I've gotten to know and love them. I often get massages from Madison, she is so strong and is able to get all my knots out from working in the salon and playing roller derby. Madeline does amazing nail art, she is always able to acheive anything I ask her to do. I could just go on forever but i'll let you make your own decision by trying it out yourself. Tell them Dana sent you. ;)


Nia Modern Nail's Salon


601 W Lake St Unit B

Addison, IL 60101


Sushi, Teriyaki, & Ramen

Pork Belly Ramen, Crab Rangoon, Dumplings & California Roll, Salad


Tried this awesome restaurant very recently. Living in the suburbs it takes a while to find the hidden gems that not only serve delicious fresh food (especially fish), but that also has reasonable prices and won't break the bank for a lunch or dinner out. I've passed this place many times seeing as how it is on the way to my boyfriend's house. And now that I've gone, I'm wondering why it's taken me so long to finally try it. Now that I have, both my boyfriend and I are SO GLAD that we did. SO let me tell you what I loved about it. I am a person that likes to try multiple items during a meal, and the BF likes to leave with a tummy full of good food. This place was perfect for that. Seeing as how we went there with the intention of getting ramen, that is what we decided to stick with. The Pork Ramen is at a decent price of $13 (which for a giant bowl of soup isnt too bad), but that's not the best part. For $3 more you can add on and extra plate which comes with 3 pork dumplings plus a full order of California roll or Nigiri. You also get a miso soup and salad as well. So for $16 I'd say that's a pretty good deal if you ask me! We also decided to split the Crab Rangoon as an appetizer which wasn't necessary with all the food we were already going to recieve. But we were both really glad we did because it was Amazing. All the fish tasted so fresh and everything was beautifully presented. They even ended our meal with juicy and conveniently cut up orange slices. All and all we loved every bit of it, and left extremely full. We  definitely plan on going back to try other items on the menu.

Minami Sushi, Teriyaki, & Ramen

Phone: (630)-830-6463

716 S Barrington Rd

Streamwood IL, 60107

Chicago Pastry

Lobster Tail from Chicago Pastry

Chicago Pastry

Chicago pastry is one of my favorite local bakeries. Owned by the Turano Family since 1981, they specialize in authentic Italian deserts, custom cakes, and specialty bread products. Some of my favorites are their foccocia, donuts, and especially the Lobster Tail (featured on the left) which is the Sfogliatelle but with french cream instead of custard. If you have never gone to the bakery I suggest you try it out the next time you are craving something sweet. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and will help you decide if you are not sure which delectable treat to try.


Chicago Pastry

Phone: (630)-529-6391

142 N Bloomingdale Rd

Bloomingdale, IL 60108